The Dawn of
Virtual Assistants

Our four-part report dives deep into the “what,” “why,” and “how” of brands building owned virtual assistants (OVAs). This shift will be profound for brands, consumers, and the voice ecosystem. Are you ready?
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The Davids & the Goliaths

Our first series installment explores the long-standing tension between brands and big tech, and how this dynamic is playing out in the arena of voice technology. We examine the ways in which control has been ceded in the past, and how a relatively new concept - brand-owned virtual assistants - shows promise to shift power into the hands of brands as they invest in conversational AI for the long term.
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What Happens When Brands Grab the Reins?

Our second chapter delves into the myriad ways that owned virtual assistants can benefit brands, from richer data and insights to greater channel reach to enhancements in discoverability and brand expression. Collectively, these benefits will act as catalysts for brands to invest in capturing greater control over their conversational footprints.
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The Rising Wave of OVAs in the Market

While brands have historically directed most of their voice investments toward a presence on big tech platforms, a surprisingly diverse set of brands have become early adopters of the owned assistant trend. This chapter presents a cross-sector view of the brands that have already begun to see benefit from creating full-fledged conversational assistants in their own image.
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What Comes Next?
A Prism of Possibilities

It’s clear that we’re at a “tip of the iceberg” moment when it comes to branded assistants. Our final installment projects what happens in the next few years as more and more brands get on board, the industry ecosystem matures, standards emerge, and compelling new use cases come to light across consumer, B2B and employee-facing contexts
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It’s often said that every company today is, aspires to be, or should aspire to be a tech company. The thrust behind this notion is that building and owning technologies and tools–which competitors don’t have access to–confers significant advantages. Now's the time for this truth to manifest in voice. With the right strategy and execution, brands can seize back the control that can feel so elusive today. They can embrace a more direct relationship of assistance to their customers–or employees–and reap the benefits that come from this proximity.

By betting on themselves, brands will emerge all the stronger

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